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A simple guide to transforming businesses digitally with a world-class consultation

Digital Consulting

Taking your ideas from strategy to execution, using recent technologies to improve your business

Business Analysis

KIMIT will help you break through your competitors, and your customer needs to make the best business decisions

UI/UX Design

Boost your user experience and enhance their engagement through their journey in your applications

Web development

Meet your business demand and scale up your work efficiency by letting us build your web applications

Mobile development

From fundamental analysis to deployment, KIMIT will take care of your mobile application, and ensuring the highest quality

Cloud Services

We will help you optimize your database structure and performance by managing your data correctly

QA & Testing

With specialized strategy, consultation, and troubleshooting, KIMIT will ensure the usability of your app

Software Deployment

We'll help you lessen the costs of running your software, insure high quality, and shorten the time to market

About us

Having operated in the high-tech industry for over 3 years, we can help you become better.

We are a software house specializing in digital transformation, web-based solutions, and training. We take students no matter their background and educate and train them, and put them on the right track based on our experience in the market.

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What we do

We take education and training in Web and Digital Marketing to another level, by giving our the chance to our students to work on real projects

We are aware of your wants and needs. We genuinely care about you and give you the resources you need to swiftly begin a course, spread your knowledge, and earn rewards for yourself. Your closest friend is KIMIT Academy

Offline & online courses

Create an instructor account using social channels to get started in just a few minutes.

Interact with Students

Your students may ask you a lot of questions about your course. Our teams wil help you with that

Create Virtual class

We'll help you with your first course, lesson, quiz, choose the curriculum, and pricing model.

Achieve Your Goals

Just simple as that, you've successfully become an online instructor with your website.

Popular Instructors

Mohammed Tolba
Senior UX-UI Designer
Mohamed Ahmed
Frontend instructor and developer
Mohamed Shoura
Marketing Consultant
Ahmed Attia
Senior Backend Developer
Islam Ramadan
Full Stack Instructor

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